A fitness band is an ideal option for those who are starting to lead an active and healthy lifestyle and for those who are just starting to track the transformations with the body and body through training.

Advantages of a fitness band over a sports watch:

  • Several times cheaper than a sports watch – a fitness band this becomes a compromise between spending and the desire to start monitoring your heart rate;
  • The band is lighter and smaller than the watch;
  • Has a sufficient set of functions for tracking workouts;
  • Has smart features that make it more than just a pedometer or heart rate monitor;
  • A wide range of models and their frequent updates.

But fitness bands, precisely because they are compromises, have disadvantages over sports watches. It is because of them that professionals and serious runners and sports enthusiasts buy sports watches:

  • A fitness band’s heart rate monitor, while working in the same way as a sports watch, is less accurate. Sports watches have more sensors and a more complex movement;
  • The band is less durable, less durable, the screen is often scratched;
  • There is no way to set up a training program, for example, for a marathon;
  • Sports watches have detailed statistics and analytics of training activity. If we compare mi band statistics and polar flow statistics, then the first one looks very poor;
  • You can swim, dive and even dive in a sports watch.

Heart rate monitor in a fitness band

Let’s talk a little more about the features of the heart rate monitor in fitness bands. If you turn the base of the band over, you will see frequently flashing sensors – light bulbs. This is an optical system for tracking blood flow using infrared radiation. It is based on a method with a complex name.

That is, in a fitness band, as in a sports watch, a miracle of physical laws works. This device – a photoresistor – reacts to the amount of light absorbed. The greater the blood flow (pulse), the lighter the erythrocytes in the blood absorb, and the less light enters the mechanism. Buy watch fit2 to get accurate heart rate monitoring all the time.

This process is converted into heart rate readings – pulses per minute. This whole system of heart rate monitors measures the pulse, heart rate, and heart rate variability.

How to utilize it for running?

Here is how your smart band can help you track your running activity:

  • The band will count the cadence and step length: for this, when registering in the application, you must indicate your height.
  • You can stop and continue your workout using the band.
  • Some bands (for example, Mi Band Xiaomi) show the intensity level by pulse zones and can report that the intensity threshold is exceeded, which is set by the user himself – however, this is not 100% correct data.
  • Some bands allow you to switch songs – if this is important, read the characteristics of the model before buying.
  • After you complete your run, the app will generate a workout report. In this report, on charts, you can see fluctuations in pace, heart rate, distance traveled, the division into heart rate zones, data on cadence and stride length, calories burned, and get an estimate of intensity.

All workout parameters will be shown on the phone screen in the application, but the wristband is convenient because it removes the need to look at the phone.

A fitness band is also suitable for tracking other types of training, for example, strength training: you should select a different type of training, and the band will also count time, pulse, and calories burned. Make sure that you get the right one.

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