With our world becoming a Global Village today, it’s hard to find a person who is not using social media. With increasing social media to gaining followers apps day by day, Instagram still stands on the top with millions of users worldwide. It was first launched as a photo-sharing app encouraging people to click their favorite moments from their daily lives and instantly upload them. However, after the wide popularity of people making short videos, Instagram also allowed posting reels (short videos).

Since the launch of this feature, many users observed an increase in their follower count. Gaining followers through Instagram reels is easier than compared to pictures. It can make you famous on the internet, help you advertise your business, or market your projects and skills without wasting a penny.

Once you create a viral reel, and as soon as it gets featured on the explore page,  many people will view it. Increasing your views and ultimately your followers on Instagram. Who doesn’t want to reach the height of popularity on social media? To create viral reels and achieve all these benefits, keep these simple points in mind:

Original and creative content

When making videos for Instagram, make sure to create new content yourself rather than picking up or copying someone else’s videos. Your reeks should be new, creative, and attention-grabbing for people so that they like, comment, and share your videos. So they will follow you to keep seeing that.

Posting at the right times

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Knowing what to post and when to post are such important parts of getting popular on competitive social media platforms which many people ignore. Don’t repeat this foolish mistake. 

Post your reel when most people are active so that it gets views immediately in their newsfeed. It’s easy to find out when most people use Instagram from one google search. You can also figure it out by focusing on engagement times in your previous posts.

If you are planning to spread content across the borders, make sure to keep in mind other time zones as well. It will help you generate more views as well as followers.

Using hashtags and music

Instagram uses many algorithms to decide which content should be on the explore page. These algorithms depend on hashtags as well. Make sure to use the right hashtags in the caption of your reels to keep it shinning on the explore page

Maybe your success is just one right hashtag away. It is easy to find trendy hashtags by seeing explore page yourself. Instagram also has a smaller app to recommend or generate hashtags for people.

Stay trendy 

If you want to be noticed by many people, you have to remain in trend to get their attention. People are tired of seeing old, boring lengthy posts with long paragraphs. Nowadays, in this fast-moving world, the choices and likes of many people also change with trends rapidly. You should post trendy reels with a twist relating them to your page/ business. 

Adding reels to story

Putting up stories for 24 hrs is also an interesting feature on social media. People tend to focus more on stories because they think posts are permanent and can be seen later but this story will finish tomorrow.

Add the link of posts and reels you want to spread to your story. People will only get a still image of your video. And if that is interesting enough, they are most likely to click on “view post” and watch your reel.

Stories also show up at the top of the home page so these have the attention of people most of the time.

Creating suspense or twists in videos

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If you would post simple videos, making the message clear at the start people won’t have any reason to watch further. They may lose interest reducing your chances of getting more followers.

You have to bring out creativity while making content. Create a reel with a little bit of suspense or twist at the end. Once people knew that your videos have something at the end, they will watch complete videos for that giving your account more watch time.

Videos having captions like “wait for it” or “watch it till the end” have a psychological effect on the human mind. People start waiting that what will happen increasing watch time.

Captivating and engaging captions

Captions are the opportunities to share your words making your picture or video more interesting. You can write the back story of a video in captions, Tell people about your exciting journey or share the BTS moments of videos.

People will read these captions and immediately feel a connection towards your video. This will increase the chances of getting likes, comments, saves, and followers. 

Write attention-grabbing captions with a catchy start but don’t overdo it. Use this chance to write wisely. 

Include attention-grabbing text in videos

Most people don’t focus on the start of the video as it plays itself. And if it doesn’t fascinate them in the beginning, they scroll down. To avoid this in your case, you should write something on the video. 

If the next person found this line relatable, they are most likely to watch all the other content on your profile. People tend to share relatable memes or short videos with their friends to laugh. Make the best out of this by creating casual videos relating to many people.

Also, when writing on videos, keep it in the middle so it can be viewed in grid view as well.


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