‘A better investment than art” – Forbes.

The AMR (Art Market Research panel) states that Luxury handbags outperform art. To put things into perspective, rare coins have increased in value by 21%, collectable watches by just 72%, and a fan favourite – first edition books have seen an increase of just 42%.

Now to the real deal- luxury handbags. The Likes of Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel have spiked in value by “83%” over the past decade. 

The Hermes Kelly, a tribute to Grace Kelly, witnessed a value spike of over 129%. This trapeze-shaped bag has inspired lines of exotic collectable Luxury handbags that are not short of a fortune.

In short, luxury handbags are assets bound to increase in value over time. Whether your goal is to cash your investment or become the target of envy for fashionistas across the globe – you must preserve your luxury bag.

Why Do Luxury Handbags Need Careful Handling?

Luxury pieces are alternative investments with the potential to turn into heirlooms. It is a common misconception that something as valuable as a luxury handbag can not deteriorate rather rapidly.

Unlike financial assets or art, preserved in museums or kept in private collections, handbags see the light of day. Unless you have a temperature-controlled vault to store your Chanel (runway limited edition) dollar bag, it is bound to come into contact with damaging elements.

Liquid spills, handprints, color evaporation (sun patches-especially for animal skin bags), humidity, and whatnot are contaminants that destroy luxury goods.

To keep a rare, one-of-a-kind handbag in pristine condition, you need to take precautions each time you carry it.

A Guide to Taking Care of Your Luxury Handbags

Now that we have established the need for over-the-top measures when handling designer bags. It is time to understand how one would go about it. 

No Pens of Any Kind

You may want to consider carrying a separate pouch if you absolutely need a pen when you are carrying your Chanel Cigarette clutch bag. You see, luxury bags and ink spills don’t make for good partners. You must avoid reducing the value of your bag with a few ink pen swirls. Since the ink is incredibly challenging to remove, any attempt to fix it will further compromise your bag’s worth.

In case of staining, it is best to contact professionals who run spas for the type of bag you have. For instance, a Hermes bag is best handled by their spa service. Bear in mind that larger stains will reduce the resale value of the bag significantly.

These Bags Aren’t Made to Carry Heavy Items.

Avoid carrying heavy items that can potentially affect the shape of the bag. Despite being made from premium sourced leathers and skins, these bags are somewhat fragile. Any heavy or large object can deform the piece and cost you a hefty dent in its value.

Try and schedule your luxury bag days when you don’t have to carry your laptop and whatnot. If you absolutely have to, then it is best to add a carry-on instead of deforming your Birkin.

Store Them Correctly

It is rare to own several luxury bags together and even rarer to have a temperature-controlled room for these bags. Unfortunately, these bags have to be stored correctly. Otherwise, you will be carrying a slightly peeled, shapeless piece of leather that has lost its vibrancy. This is especially true for colorful exotic skin bags.

If you don’t have a temperature moderated space, store these bags precisely as instructed. You can discuss these details with the store clerk when purchasing. Still, if you don’t have said information for some reason, store these at room temperature. These must also be kept away from direct sunlight and humidity.

Water Is the Enemy

Rain, drinking, Fiji, Evian- you name it. Then, keep it miles away from your luxury tote. Even if the luxury piece is ‘water-resistant, keep it away from moisture. Some Hermes owners make the mistake of carrying their bag (material: Epsom) around or near water and end up with some damage. While these aren’t necessarily huge concerns, they still manage to devalue the item to some extent.

Check weather forecasts and leave your designer bag at home. If you have to bring it with you, make sure it does not come in contact with rain. Keep a tissue handy and dry the bag immediately for other water damage possibilities, even if a single droplet falls on it.

Organize Your Bag

You don’t want to go about rummaging in your Louis Vuitton Luxury bag. This doesn’t just compromise the bag’s shape but also leads to cosmetic spills, ink stains, and shape outlines from items inside the bag.

The best way to organize your luxury bag is by getting a pouch for everything. A phone pouch, a small diary, a makeup bag, and a separate sealed pouch for items that can leak are the way to go. You can also opt for the golden flamingo, which you can find at Ocean Vibes Naples to get a tote that fits everything.

You can rummage through this sturdy $29.99 without any fear of deforming or damaging it.

Handle Protection Is Necessary

You must protect the handles from losing their color or finger imprints. This is a common concern faced by many luxury bag owners. The delicate materials of the bag are prone to discolouration. When they come in contact with the warmth of your hand and any products on them, they sustain damage. Even if you don’t have any lotions or creams on, natural oils from your hands are enough to affect the handle.

Get a scarf and wrap it around the handle. Most luxury brands have an excellent selection of high-end scarves just to wrap around the bag’s handle. If you don’t have one, choose silk gloves until you can get your hands on a scarf!

For days when you need a sturdy yet gorgeous bag, browse through “Ocean Vibes Naples” selection.

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