What’s the difference between a Dinesen wood floor and a Quality Parquet floor? These types of floors have a common look that is similar to a Dinesen hardwood floor, though they differ in color and texture. The main difference between them is the level of maintenance required to keep them looking good. Wider planks and cool tones are two main reasons for choosing this style.

Dinesen wood floors

Danish manufacturer, Dinesen, has been creating beautiful Parquet Flooring in Dubai for over 100 years. They use sustainable German and French forests to produce their wide plank flooring. The finished product is treated with lye and soap to create a warm, inviting finish. Prices vary according to width and length and the type of wood used. Read on for some ideas. If you want to create this timeless floor look for your home, try one of the alternatives listed below.

Dinesen planks are remarkable for their long and wide width. You can lay these floors without any joints or partitions. The planks are made from large European oak trees. Some planks are over 50cm wide. The wood used for these floors has fewer joints than traditional oak flooring. These qualities make them ideal for open-concept living room schemes. Besides being stylish, they’re also extremely durable.

Wider planks

To create a room with more space, use lighter-colored hardwood flooring in a wide plank. The wider plank’s less-distinctive edges give the room an illusion of more space. Wider planks also feature a more varied color palette and graining. Wider planks also are less expensive and can be installed in narrow rooms more quickly.

For rooms with limited space, you can opt for wide planks in the same width, but you should be cautious about going too large. A plank of 10″ width will overwhelm a modest room. It’s also recommended to use a lighter-colored wood when fitting a wide-plank floor in a small room. If you have a large space, choose a darker stained wood.

To maintain a wide plank floor, keep moisture levels low. The optimal range is thirty to 50 percent relative humidity. Winters are typically drier, while summers are largely humid. To keep wood floors in good condition, you should have a system in place that can remove excess moisture. If you live in an area with high humidity, you should consider purchasing a pre-finished floor instead.

Cooler tones

If you’re looking for a neutral color that works well with a dark floor, you should go for a cool tone. Cool shades of blue or green, such as greige, can offset the warmth of a warm floor. Soft grays and whites also look great with cool floors. To balance the color, use textiles in your room to break up the visual plane. For example, a rug in a warm shade of red will add interest to a dark floor, while a textured wool blanket in a neutral color will look great in a space with a cool tone.

In addition to using different shades of a color in your flooring, you should consider the undertone of the wood. Wooden floors that have warm undertones will go well with red and yellow furnishings. However, if you’d like to avoid clashing with these colors, you should consider a shade of a slightly cooler tone. Once you’ve decided which wood color matches your furniture and other accents, you can move on to choosing an appropriate color palette for your new flooring.

Easy to maintain

You’ve likely noticed the versatility of parquet flooring if you’ve seen it in a commercial property. This type of flooring makes a great first impression in the hallway, while also adding elegance to living rooms and bedrooms. In addition, parquet can visually widen and elongate rooms. Parquet wood flooring was first introduced in France in the late 17th century. This type of flooring is made of blocks of wood with fixed dimensions, which can be laid in a geometric pattern. This type of flooring is highly desirable and has risen in popularity since its first appearance in the region.

Quality parquet flooring is an elegant and durable floor covering option. It offers a timeless and stylish floor look. The enduring look of parquet flooring makes it an excellent choice for any home. To ensure quality, parquet flooring from the Natural Wood Floor Company is manufactured by skilled craftsmen. The oak species is a fantastic choice because of its versatility. Once matured, oak parquet flooring becomes a pale tan-biscuit hue that is both stylish and versatile.

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