Luxurious skincare line Trulykomal established by Pakistani actress Komal Rizvi is known to have amazing quality skincare products in the market. Rizvi established the brand aligning with a mantra that Pakistani women need more organic skin care. The ingredient list of this line is completely ‘clean’ which means that it is devoid of parabens and other harmful chemicals, along with being completely halal. The entire product line is made keeping one thing in mind; it should be used by everyone including children.

Even though it started with just a single product, it has captured the entire skincare market of Pakistan. The line focuses on improving the skin by targeting skin aging, fine lines, two-tone, and wrinkles. TrulyKomal is inclusive of all skin types, especially the sensitive skin type.

Being of the same type, I tried many products from this brand including their sunscreen, facewash, acne-erasing treatments, and their brightening scrub.

However, my today’s review is on the product that I loved the most and that is their acne-erasing serum. But before jumping into the review let me tell you what prompted me in buying this specific product. Two of our friends were getting married and we have been planning everything down to a tee, but one unfaithful morning my colleagues decided to visit a beach and I used a cheaply made sunblock. Everything went downhill and I thought all my preparation went to waste. I was frantically looking for products, anything that would clear these breakouts, and stumbled upon this serum. I thought of giving it a go-to to see how it goes without really hoping too much out of the product. Now back to the review.


The Truly Komal perfect acne erasing serum comes in a red box. The box isn’t particularly top quality, but it’s not flimsy either; it’s ok quality. The product is packaged in a 17 ml glass bottle with a dropper. The quality of the bottle is fairly ordinary. It’s the same with tints and serums from small brands. The label is glued on the bottle, and the text does fade after a while.

Usage Instructions:

4 drops on a clean face (focus on the area with acne). You can use this product twice a day as well (depending on how soon you want clearer skin).


Salicylic acid, Aloe Vera, Acne, Tea tree oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid, Carboxymethyl & Cellulose, De-Ionized Water, Propylene glycol.


On the basis of clinical studies, Acne Eraser Serum by Truly Komal claims to:

  • 99% of people noticed an immediate reduction in acne redness.
  • Within a week, 87 percent of those with active and bothersome acne saw their acne clear up.
  • On spot therapy, 91% of people noticed a difference the next day.

My Thoughts:

On the right side of my cheek, I had four little lumps, along with a small red patch on my head (I can’t even start to describe what that was like). I began using the product twice a day to put it to the test. I didn’t use all four drops as instructed, because of how easily I reacts negatively to new products. What I find is that in my case, two drops were sufficient. The first reaction was that the serum absorbed quickly into the skin and dried quickly, so no hassle. It didn’t truly hydrate the skin like I was expecting it to and didn’t dry it out either. When applied to the skin, the serum had a gel-like, bouncy feel that just felt gentle.

I continued to use this serum/gel whatever I can and noticed a big difference in my skin after a month. My acne dried up, however, the blemishes were light and faded quickly in comparison to any other remedy I’ve ever tried, and that weird patch poof was nowhere to be found. This serum proved to be amazing, as it impressively aided in the fading of the redness. In addition, my skin appears to be cleaner and suppler to the touch. The performance of this product has pleasantly surprised me, and knowing that it is a Pakistani brand became the cream on my cake.

Where to get it from?

I got this product from a local superstore and found it in many major stores all over the city. However, you can get the product online as well, I wished I knew it before. Also, you have the option of Quist pay which can divide your purchase into an easy installment for a few months. Moreover, you can use the savyour website or application and get up to a 20 percent discount or 6% cashback on your purchase.

Keep it in mind for the next time you go shopping.


If you have sensitive skin and break out easily, this product is a must-have in your skincare routine. It will not only remove blemishes and acne marks, but it will also leave your skin soft and plump.

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