Motorcyclists have an extremely difficult time on the roads, they are not noticed by car drivers, and constant risks simply accompany every motorcyclist. Therefore, today we will consider the Predator helmet, which is distinguished by its reliability and allows you to scare other road users.

  • Therefore, you need to seriously think about safety, we have already talked about such a necessary thing as a motorcycle turtle, now it’s time to talk about the right helmet. Safety should be above all, especially since even with a helmet and equipment, the life of a motorcyclist is in the balance every time, especially if he flies in the opposite direction at a speed of 250 km / h, but this biker from the video says that he did not drive more than 190 km / h, by the way, here is a video on how to ride a Yamaha R1:
  • The choice of helmets is extremely large, but every self-respecting biker wants to somehow stand out and have his equipment and motorcycle checked out by other bikers at conventions.

Each manufacturer has its own helmet structure, so they may differ and have their own characteristics. The predator helmet is popular in most countries but it has a very segmented market all over the world.

Predator Helmet Features

For the first time, the Predator motorcycle helmet appeared in 2010, was patented, and was produced by Nitrinos. When ordering such a helmet, you can choose the color and other details to your liking, so in the end, the helmet will turn out to be unique.

The design of the Predator helmet is not so simple – a composite body using carbon fiber, several layers are also used in the helmet, and the foam base and internal parts can be removed. It’s also a distinctive feature that it has customizable options. You can make an upgrade or downgrade easily without any fuss.

Also, the helmet can have various protective glasses. This protective glass is called a visor, it must be opened only with 2 hands, so it will be quite difficult to open it on the go. The helmet also has a ventilation system. This helmet weighs almost 2 kg. Its quite heavy due to its build quality.

The Predator helmet is slightly structurally different from the ULO-MOTO company, it also has its own patent, this helmet is based on an ordinary helmet, but a molded protective mask is welded into it, while this mask does not violate the protective properties of the helmet.

Predator Helmet Dimensions

Sizes are different, so you need to choose according to your head. There are dreadlocks, the length of which is 34 cm, there are 22 of them, weight 1820 gr.

This helmet has the following additional features:

  • LED glowing lights, like from the movie Predator. These lights are built into the helmet and can be turned on or off with a button located at the bottom of the helmet. In order for everything to work, you need to periodically change the batteries;
  • Built-in laser beams – there are only 3 of them, they are in one case, they are also turned on, using a button, and powered by batteries;
  • Additional painting – can be painted in a helmet in any color;
  • An additional visor, initially the helmet comes with a light visor, but you can also put on a dark visor in order to also protect yourself from the sun.

Varieties of the “Predator” helmet

The basis for the predator motorcycle helmet line from the Nitrinos studio is its basic version, which is characterized by the following indicators:

  • Sizes: XS 53-54 cm.
  • S 55-56 cm.
  • M 57-58 cm.
  • L 59-60 cm.
  • XL 61-62 cm.
  • XXL 63-6 cm.
  • Color: black matte.
  • Visor: light.
  • Dreadlocks: 22 pieces, length 34 cm.
  • Weight: 1820

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