How often have you woken up to find yourself trapped in your boring routine? Have you then realised that you have STOPPED growing academically?

Learning has always been a never-ending, ever-evolving activity. And when learning new skills can fetch you high-paying jobs, why are you stuck in normalcy? So raise your bar beyond the normality and be evergreen. After all, it’s 2021, when the world is going through a boom, and every skill can fetch you big. And there must be some reason online course enrolment numbers have doubled in 2020 and increased by 32% the following year, peaking at 189 million.

Today, learning and earning money choices are numerous, provided you target the right skills to tap into your money-making opportunities. However, do not get overwhelmed in the process!

After analysing verified reviews on online courses, I have listed 9 certification courses to help you land a high-paying job.

Let’s get started.


Master of Science in AI and Machine Learning

This eighteen-month course boasts the best online M.Sc. in ML and AI for professionals. The program includes 10 capstone projects and 30 case studies recognised by the WES (World Education Services).

Essential topics covered include Exploratory Data and Statistics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Analytics, Natural Language Processing, and Reinforcement Learning. Scholars also learn about various research methodologies and submit a Master’s dissertation in the final week. Click here to find a machine learning course for you.


Post-Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)

This two-year management course branches out into four specialisation tracks – Retail Management, Information Technology, Business Management, and Banking Insurance and Finance Service – divided into six trimesters.

Topics covered include HR Management, Managerial Economics, Organisational Behaviour, Statistics, Supply Chain Management, Marketing Management, Financial Management, Managerial Accounting, Data Analytics, and Strategic Management. On completing the course, scholars receive a PDGM certification from BIMTECH, one of the renowned private B-schools globally.


Executive program in Block-chain Technology Management

The management course in blockchain technology will take you through a five-month ride, letting you focus on one of the most trending topics in the industry right now. The procedure takes an application-based learning approach by training students to think and act like a Blockchain consultants.

It covers relevant matters like Block-chain Network and Architecture, Block-chain Testing, Block-chain Technology Management, Block-chain Delivery and BRD Creation, and other Block-chain specificities. Scholars work on assignments, case studies, and offline workshops to create their real-world Blockchain skills.


Global Master Certificate in Integrated Supply Chain Management (ISCM)

The fourth is the highly informative six-month course of ISCM that aims to teach scholars about crucial components of the supply chain and how it is managed. The teachings of the system include integration of essential wings of supply chains, implementation of the best-suited supply chain design for a company, streamlining logistical processes, redesigning the market distribution strategy development, management and execution of supply chain essentials, and boosting a company’s competitive advantage by integrating logistics with IT.

Scholars receive a Global Master’s Certificate in ISCM that ranks #1 for supply chain or logistics programs on course completion.


Master of Science in Computer Science

A PG course in computer science is an 18-month course that focuses on helping aspirants gain a profound knowledge of computer science, majorly software development. Scholars learn about the essentials of programming, including Data Structures, Big Data, OOP, Full-stack Development, etc. In addition, the course offers six specialisations – Cloud Computing, Dev-Ops, Cyber-security, Big Data, Block-chain Development, and Full-stack development.

On completing the course, scholars will become well-versed with the nitty-gritty of computing systems, research methodologies, and advanced programming in computer science and software development.


PG Diploma in Full-stack Development

Securing a position in the sixth place on this list is the PG Diploma course in Full-stack development. This is a 12-month course to teach scholars everything about Full-stack Development. They learn how to build scalable websites, Interactive Web UIs, and backend APIs through courses of interactive online learning sessions and live lectures with industry leaders.

The curriculum includes several assignments and case studies and a complete suite of tools required to work on Full-stack projects. In addition, by earning a diploma certification in this course, you can apply for some promising profiles such as Full-stack Developer, Back-end Developer, Front-end Developer, and UI Developer.


PG Certification in Data science

With the growth in the IT sector, the requirement for information scientists is growing tremendously. By way of instance, Really released a study that said the demand for information scientists had risen by 39% between 2017 and 2018. And it is still in the growth phase.

This class can help you seize this chance, as you will learn about different theories on data science, including analytics with Python, extensive data analytics, and machine learning.

After taking this program, you can apply for various data science jobs like data analyst, product analyst, and information scientist. In addition, you will have several high-paying job options, from health care to IT farms, at your disposal.


Medical Billing and Coding

Certification in Coding and Medical Billing is the most affordable way to gain the necessary training to enter the medical field. While the associate’s course program takes a few years to complete, the certificate course program ranges from four to fifteen months, with some accelerated programs taking just four weeks.

Most online Medical Billing and Coding programs allow learners to work at their pace, adding additional flexibility.  This is among the best paying online certificate programs.


Information Security or Cyber-security

After you earn an online certificate and some experience in Information Security, you can have adequate job options open in the area. Additionally, other certification programs are offered online for experienced professionals wishing to show mastery of skills. Many certificates are 13-15 credits, taking just one semester to complete and supplement other qualifications on a job resume. This comes at #9 on my list of online certifications that pay well.

In conclusion,

An online course certificate is a convenient option for someone looking for a change in their professional and personal routine. The convenience of online classes adds to the benefits of this option. What’s more, specific certificate programs are potential catalysts for your earning capabilities. So, go through the list mentioned above and welcome a high-earning career. Here’s wishing you luck in making an informed decision.

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