When a company or an organization evolves motion design, it must favor the information and the integration of its collaborators. Developing one’s activity involves communicating on educational and strategic changes in the company.

Also, professionals increasingly favor the use of audiovisual tools such as motion design in their internal communications.

Internal communication via motion design video is the ideal way to explain a process while disseminating it on a large scale.

The importance of internal processes in a company

The term “work process” refers to the steps to follow to correctly carry out a task within a company.

Internal process keeps team members on the same page. It guarantees a better visibility of the tasks and defines the role of each within the team and the company.

For teams to perform their specific tasks properly, they need operational guidelines. The role of the operational process is to provide a simple and concise description of the steps necessary to carry out a specific task.

The effectiveness of internal communication in motion design

Audiovisual communication in business has various objectives…

At first, the video responds to a logistical problem. If you are an SME or a TGE and you have many employees, the video format will save you some information meetings. They monopolize the staff and generate a real cost for the company.

Similarly, if you have subsidiaries abroad, the video will simply be translated into the language of the country concerned. This will ensure consistent and concise communication.

Another significant point, making a motion design video is a valuable time saver for companies.

Indeed, the dissemination of the message takes minimal time for the staff of the company compared to the time of management and organization of training or face-to-face communication.

For example, thanks to the work carried out by the e-learning video, the time spent by a manager to train new employees will be more reduced.

It is with this in mind that CHANEL has commissioned a tutorial on the basics of filming for its employees.

Choosing the audiovisual format means making the information available to employees. They will be able to watch it as many times as necessary and at their own pace.

By its playful side, the technique of motion design facilitates the assimilation of information by employees.

The BOFROST company has chosen to inform its teams and future recruits about good practices in commercial prospecting via motion design video.

What are the internal communication levers?

Internal communication is inspired by marketing and advertising communication techniques.

We also find in a more conventional format: the company newspaper, the booklet or the welcome brochure, the bulletin board …

On the event side, a company can also schedule information meetings, open days, and various event operations…

Of course, for each of these levers, you must set the tone for your communication: communicate the company’s colors and values ​​in a dynamic way. This will make work more collaborative and intra-company communication more fluid between the different actors.

Once again, the BOFROST company applies motion design in one of its internal communications. This video is in the image of BOFROST: it uses the logo and the colors of the brand.

How to make a motion design video to communicate on an internal process?

There are six essential steps to follow to make a motion design video:

– Writing the script

– Developing the storyboard

– Creating the models

– Recording the voiceover

– Creating the animations

– Assembly

Namely, if you do not have the skills in-house, the easiest way is to outsource the creation of your video. The motion design can be created by an audiovisual communication agency.

Like any multinational, the French Groupe SEB has come up against internal communication issues.

For this reason, he called on the production company near me to produce a motion design video. The purpose of this was to promote the dissemination of information on the Group’s internal mobility to all employees in France and abroad.

The expertise of a subject matter specialist is necessary to create quality explicit content. The audiovisual communication agency will advise you throughout the production process. The final rendering will be adapted to your graphic charter and will allow you to achieve your communication objectives.


It is important to remember that good internal communication is a performance factor. Work processes must be communicated in a clear and concise manner to ensure that they are understood by all employees.

For fluid, fast and effective internal communication, favor audiovisual means such as animated video produced by the video companies near me specializing in motion design.

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