Logos are businesses’ identities. They represent a brand and make it unique from other businesses. A logo is like a face a child has. The idea of a face being changed seems quite absurd. This is what we’ll talk about in detail in this post. We’ll discuss if it is a good idea to change or edit one’s logo. We’ll also talk about x companies who changed their logos or upgraded them.

Before we do that, know that logos are essential for brands. Other than the logos, having a website is necessary for brands too. It provides them with an online space where people can reach out to them with the ease and comfort of sitting at home. If you have launched a new business and need a website, contact any good and affordable web design. They’ll make you a stunning website for your organization.

List of Brands Who Completely Changed their Logos

1. Payoneer

Payoneer is a company like Paypal. It is used to send and receive cash and as an online bank. People use Payoneer in vast quantities in Asian countries where they don’t have abscess to Paypal services. Payoneer originally had an orange-colored logo, but they recently changed its design and color. Now it’s a multi-color circle, whereas it was an orange ‘Y’ letter back then.




2. Adidas

Adidas always came up with a different logo, except for a few times when it only changed the background color of its logo. The first and second Adidas logos differ from the rest of its collection. In the first two logos, they have shown a shoe. After the third and fourth logos, Adidas kept changing its logo. It went from looking like a flower to a mountain or slope and then to a ball. After that, the Adidas logo got changed into three horizontal lines with Adidas text written.



3. Pepsi

Pepsi has changed its logo and also upgraded it. However, when it started, its logo was similar to Coca-Cola. Red color text and white background. However, later it changed its logo to a new bottle cap design, and eventually, it took the round shape logo that we see today. It has gone through many alterations over the period. Pepsi has one of the most creative and attractive logos.


4. Nikon

Nikon is a camera company that has established its name in the camera industry. This company is over a hundred years old and one of the best camera brands. It started off with a very different logo. After that, it added both English and Japanese to its logo. The Nikon brand picked a definite style after its third logo. The text Nikon and its font are the same, but they change their background style whenever they update their logo.



List of Brands Who Upgraded Their Logos Over Time

5. Apple

The famous iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac company, Apple, has had a constant. However, its first logo was different. Other than that, all of its logos are the same except for color change. Its first logo was a black and white painting with a ribbon around it that said Apple Computer Co. After that, they changed their logo entirely. Apple turned its logo into a rainbow color: silver, gray, black, light blue, and black. They only changed the color and the texture of the logo without modifying its design.



6. Udemy

Udemy is an online education website that offers courses on several subjects. You can find almost every type of course on Udemy. Udemy is a paid and high-quality platform for learning education online. The good thing about Udemy is that its courses are not as costly as college degrees and diplomas. You get quality education at affordable rates. Udemy has changed its logo as well. Initially, it had a green and black logo. After that, they turned their logo into an entire green color. Then they added an extra orange U letter to its logo. Currently, it’s a purple and black-colored logo.



7. Shell

Shell is a multinational oil company. You might have filled fuel in your car last time from a Shell station. Initially, Shell’s logo was black and white. After its third logo, they chose a color scheme that they kept constant. They did minor changes in its logos as well. However, the design remained the same.


 8. KFC

KFC has made alternations in its logo. However, it has always been a picture logo. It contained the animated image of its founder. It is also called the mascot logo.


9. Pizza Hutt

The first Pizza hut logo was the same as Pepsi and Coca-Cola. Red color text with nothing but a white background. After that, they introduced a new logo that became the consistent one. It contains a cowboy sort of hat with a pizza hutt written under it. They have edited it from time to time, but the main concept of the logo is the same.

Pizza Hutt

Should you Change your Logo Design or Upgrade it?

So, we have discussed nine logos and how some of them completely changed their logos while some upgraded the design while keeping the main design concept constant. Now the question arises, can we change or edit our logos? And why should a company completely change its logo? It is subjective, and everyone has their reasons for entirely changing the logo.

Reason to change or upgrade

In today’s era, if a startup- business has initially used an online logo maker to design a logo, he should change it later on when he gets the budget to do that. It’s because, mostly, we don’t create very good and attractive logos using online logo-making tools. These logos lack creativity, but we use them when we don’t have a budget since it’s a cheap option. However, as far as the editing of a logo is concerned, it’s also a personal choice. You can hire an expert graphic designer and ask him how to make your logo look new without losing its main design.

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