When I tell people I blog for a living, they usually roll their eyes. They remark, “That’s so simple.” “You get paid for writing and sitting on the internet all day. A monkey could do your work!”

I roll my eyes at that point. People are quick to dismiss blogging as a simple task. When they write their first few pieces, it hits them: This is considerably more difficult than I anticipated. Like anyone starting a new career in any article writing company, they make mistakes.

That’s quite normal; it occurs to almost every new blogger. Fortunately, if you anticipate these hurdles, you can easily circumvent them.

1. Write blog postings that support your company’s overall objectives.

Mistake: You come up with concepts that are solely interesting to you.

You’re not the only intended reader, even if you read and reread your blog entries.

Ideas will come to you when you first start writing – in the shower, on the run, and on the phone with your beloved. While creativity may strike at any time, the ideas themselves should never be. Just because something is a good concept in general — or something you are personally interested in — doesn’t imply it is a good idea for your organization.

Solution: Align growth goals with your blog entries.

You’re writing to assist your readers in resolving problems and, ultimately, grow your business. Consequently, your blog post ideas should help you achieve your growth objectives. They should organically relate to industry issues and respond to specific questions and concerns your prospects may have.

Do you need help defining those goals and how to attain them? Set up a meeting with a sales team member to learn about the most often asked questions after discussing the important company goals with your manager. After both sessions, you should know which plans you need to achieve and have some recommendations for how to do so.

2. Determine what appeals to your target audience.

Mistake: You make the mistake of forgetting about your persona.

If you want your blog to be successful, it needs to resonate with your readers and drive them to take action (i.e., produce traffic, leads, and sales). One of the most typical misconceptions is assuming that your content will perform without considering your target audience or the actions you want them to do.

Solution: Recognize your persona’s pain spots.

You can bridge the gap with your content by identifying your buyer persona and what matters to them. If you’re not thinking about your persona’s problems, you’re just generating the content, which is a waste of time and resources.

3. Write as though you were speaking.

Mistake: Your writing is overly rigid.

Writing a blog post is not the same as writing a research paper. However, both are frequently and solely familiar with the latter when bloggers begin. But what’s the issue? The writing style of a term paper is not the writing style that people like reading.

Let’s face it: most individuals who view your post will read it all the way through. To keep people interested, write in an easy-to-read style.

Solution: Create blogs that are kind and approachable.

We encourage you to write in a more conversational tone. If your work is approachable, more people will like reading it. Humans prefer doing business with other humans over machines.

As a result, ease your writing by using contractions, eliminating jargon, and adding a few jokes. That’s how real people communicate, and that’s what they enjoy reading.

4. Show, do not tell your personality.

Mistake: You make the mistake of believing that others care about you.

It may sound harsh, but it’s true: when people first start blogging, they expect their followers to be naturally interested in their stories and interests… but this isn’t the case. It’s not that they’re awful people; it’s just that when you’re new, no one is interested in you or your experiences. People are interested in what you can teach them.

Solution: Add some individuality without losing sight of the issue.

Even if they don’t care that you’re writing the piece, you may use aspects of your personality to put them at ease. How you go about it is entirely up to you. Some people like telling jokes. Others delight in creating pop-culture references, while others excel at vivid descriptions.

To give your writing more personality, look for ways to connect with your readers regarding the topic you’re writing about, then write in the first person as if you’re talking to them about it. Use a pleasant, friendly, and engaging tone in face-to-face interaction.

5. Emphasize your point repeatedly.

Mistake: You digress.

Allowing your personality to shine through in your writing, but don’t go overboard. It’s one thing to be oneself when presenting a topic; it’s another to bring up too many personal experiences, which might distract from the main argument.

Don’t get carried away with personal anecdotes and comparisons; you can’t guarantee your readers’ full attention because they aren’t sitting directly in front of you. People may (and will) abandon your content if they lose patience.

Solution: Make your case repeatedly.

Restate your argument in each part of the post to avoid wasting your reader’s attention. The most acceptable blog entries pledge to an overall plan and then progressively express it several times from beginning to conclusion.

Don’t spend three paragraphs recounting how you returned home from a two-week trip to find a dead fern if you’re writing about how much water a potted plant requires. This tale demonstrates your point, but what exactly is your point? These kinds of ideas do not survive for more than two weeks. That is one possibility, and it should be acknowledged right away.

Final Note

Article writing is more than simply typing letters on a computer screen and pressing the “publish” button. Don’t worry if you’re thinking to yourself, “Wow, this is embarrassing…” after reading this list. I have made every single one of these blunders.

Keep in mind that I chose the term “common” to characterize these errors for a purpose. The more you blog, the better you’ll get at it. And the more visitors and leads you’ll acquire in the process.

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