CNC intelligence is offering its services in all legal and recovery processes. The loss or theft of coins is the primary domain of CNC intelligence, but we offer our services for Bitcoin Trace.

Bitcoin Trace

The Bitcoin Fraud Recovery services are also done professionally on our platform, along with bitcoin recovery. Before getting on with the topic, we, the team of CNC intelligence like to offer a little introduction regarding the wallet.

Bitcoin Trace Services

Bitcoin Trace and wallet recovery are two sides of the same coin, as the primary purpose of keeping a wallet on the Bitcoin Forum is to save the bitcoins from any theft or loss. The investors of cryptocurrency are offered with usually two kinds of wallets. The first one is named the hot wallet, while the other is the cold wallet. The difference between hot and cold wallets is between possession and ownership. The hot wallet is usually easy to operate through software.

The hot wallet also has a service provider, which means that another person does have access to the bitcoins you have in your wallet. The weak point of hot wallet is that if the service provider’s account is hacked, you are also at risk of theft. The cold wallet is a hard drive, just like a flash drive. This drive can keep the maximum amount of bitcoins without the interference of anybody. This kind of wallet is safer, and Bitcoin Trace and wallet recovery are not much needed in such wallets.

Bitcoin Trace

We will come to the topic where Bitcoin Trace and wallet recovery services will be illustrated.

In the following lines, we will discuss the possibilities where CNC Intelligence can provide its services to its valued customers:

1. If You Have Forgotten Your Passwords:

CNC Intelligence offers its professional help and services in wallet recovery. In case you have forgotten your password or cannot get access to your account. Our experts and professionals can crack open your wallet by adding up the legal details and help you retrieve your access to your wallet again.

2. In Case of Hardware Failure:

The cold wallet is a hardware drive that is often prone to damages, loss, and failures. The CNC intelligence has a heck of restoring and detecting hardware failure problems. We have recovered thousands of wallets and have retrieved millions of dollars and handed them over to owners.

3. Wallet Deletion:

Wallet deletion is one of the primary causes of loss of bitcoins in most cases. The deleted wallet prevents the owner from getting access to the account. The omissions are usually accidental but can cause permanent data loss of charge. The professionals and experts of CNC offer their help and assistance in case of wallet deletion. The professional tip that we, the expert team of CNC intelligence, want to give to our customers is to immediately turn off the affected device in case of wallet deletion.

Bitcoin Trace

4. Corruption in The Wallet:

Any software or hardware error results in corruption of the wallet. In case of corruption in the wallet, access to the account is denied even if you try with a correct password. CNC intelligence offers the restoration of corrupted wallets within hours. Restoring the wallet is just a piece of cake for the professionals of CNC intelligence.

5. Old Wallet Upgrading:

Many account holders do not like to upgrade their accounts because they have security threats. This uncomfortable situation is no more a problem with the CNC intelligence. We provide complete security and legal facilities to the customers, which makes them feel secure and safe with the new upgrades such as bitcoin core 0.7+.

Wallet security and retrieval are no more an issue with CNC intelligence. The CNC intelligence offers complete legal assistance in case of any trouble or inconvenience. Apart from the aforementioned digital wallet issues, the CNC intelligence offers its official and legal help in Bitcoin Trace as well as bitcoin recovery and retrieval. The professionals of CNC have expertise in accessing the account and joining the links between the thefts and have retrieved a large sum of amount and have attained the trust of thousands of our customers. Our customers trust us blindly and hand us over their chores with zero hesitation. We also like to keep our customer’s trust level and our company’s reputation level high, so we have dedicated ourselves to our work.

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