The power in watts does not directly describe whether the suction power is particularly high. How many watts the vacuum cleaner has only describes the amounts of electricity the device needs for operation. Unfortunately, there is no uniform value for the suction power, which is why we recommend customer reviews from the Internet for the respective device.


Powerful engines with high suction power have the small disadvantage that they make the vacuum cleaner heavier. Unfortunately, particularly light vacuum cleaners often have a lower performance, but also a low weight. If you often have to carry the vacuum cleaner over stairs, you should treat yourself to a device with low weight, the size of which can be handled well. If you live at ground level, you can benefit from heavy, wired vacuum cleaners with high performance.

What should be considered for the dust bag and volume?

If you buy a vacuum cleaner as an allergy sufferer, choose suitable devices with relevant filters and bags. Pay attention to a large vacuum cleaner bag volume here so as not to have to change them so often. As environmentally friendly and practical as vacuum cleaners without bags are, as an allergy sufferer and asthmatic you will be additionally burdened with every emptying. As an allergy sufferer, you could buy a floor vacuum cleaner against mites that catches and traps the causes of your house dust allergy. Other suckers work with UV light and thus make life difficult to impossible for the small crawling animals.


In terms of volume, you will not find a model that quietly does its job as a vacuum cleaner. However, some devices are quieter and cause “only” 65 dB, while loud variants emit up to 80 dB.


How important are cable lengths, pipes and nozzles?

A cable on the vacuum cleaner guarantees performance for hours. Especially if you do not clean only one room every day, but in a larger action all floors, wired devices are advantageous. Pay attention to a cable feeder here, with which the cable is neatly stored in the device in its entire length. The higher the cable length, the greater your radius of action. In addition, you do not have to change the socket as often and save time.


Extendable telescopic tubes allow retracted convenient storage, while with extended tube you remove cobwebs on the ceiling with ease. Your existing floor types decide which nozzles are important on the vacuum cleaner. To rid carpets of animal hair, dust and dirt, self-rotating rollers in the foot or feet with bristles are extremely helpful. If animal hair plays a role for you, there should also be a small upholstery nozzle for hair on the couch.


If you have predominantly smooth floors and use the floor vacuum cleaner on parquet, laminate and tiles, then a vacuum cleaner with wiping function is very advantageous. Used regularly, vacuum and wipe here in one operation. A practical accessory for tricky corners is crevice nozzles, which direct the suction specifically into angled corners.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of bagless vacuum cleaners?

In order to make this fundamental decision easier for you, we would like to show you the pros and cons:



best sander for hardwood floors

no running costs for bags

easy and convenient emptying

without a new bag, devices with bags cannot be used

do not cause waste, do not pollute the environment

best sander for hardwood floors


only partially suitable for allergy sufferers

small containers need to be emptied quite often


Best private vacuum more clean

The power in watts doesn’t straightforwardly portray whether the attractions power is especially high. The number of watts the vacuum cleaner that has just depicts the measures of power the gadget needs for activity. Sadly, there is no uniform incentive for the attractions power, which is the reason we suggest client audits from the Internet for the individual gadget.

Strong motors with high attractions power have the little burden that they make the vacuum cleaner heavier. Tragically, especially light vacuum cleaners frequently have a lower execution, yet additionally a low weight. In the event that you frequently need to convey the vacuum cleaner over steps, you ought to indulge yourself with a gadget with low weight, the size of which can be taken care of well. Assuming you inhabit ground level, you can profit from weighty, wired vacuum cleaners with superior execution.

What ought to be considered for the residue pack and volume?

In the event that you purchase a vacuum cleaner as a sensitivity victim, pick reasonable gadgets with significant channels and sacks. Focus on a huge vacuum cleaner pack volume here so as not to need to transform them so frequently. However harmless to the ecosystem and commonsense as vacuum cleaners without sacks seem to be, as a sensitivity victim and asthmatic you will be also troubled with each discharging. As a sensitivity victim, you could purchase a story vacuum cleaner against bugs that gets and traps the reasons for your home residue sensitivity. Different suckers work with UV light and accordingly make life hard to incomprehensible for the little slithering creatures.


As far as volume, you won’t find a model that discreetly takes care of its business as a vacuum more clean. Be that as it may, a few gadgets are calmer and cause “as it were” 65 dB, while boisterous variations radiate up to 80 dB.

How significant are link lengths, lines and spouts?

A link on the vacuum cleaner ensures execution for quite a long time. Particularly on the off chance that you don’t tidy up just a single room consistently, yet in a bigger activity all floors, wired gadgets are profitable. Focus on a link feeder here, with which the link is flawlessly put away in the gadget in its whole length. The higher the link length, the more noteworthy your range of activity. What’s more, you don’t need to change the attachment as frequently and save time.

Extendable adaptive cylinders permit withdrew helpful capacity, while with broadened tube you eliminate spider webs on the roof effortlessly. Your current floor types conclude which spouts are significant on the vacuum more clean. To free covers of creature hair, residue and soil, self-pivoting rollers in the foot or feet with bristles are very useful. In the event that creature hair assumes a part for you, there ought to likewise be a little upholstery spout for hair on the love seat.

On the off chance that you have transcendently smooth floors and utilize the floor vacuum cleaner on parquet, overlay and tiles, then a vacuum cleaner with cleaning capacity is extremely favorable. Utilized consistently, vacuum and wipe here in one activity. A useful extra for interesting corners is hole spouts, which direct the pull explicitly into calculated corners.

What are the benefits and weaknesses of bagless vacuum cleaners?
To pursue this essential choice more straightforward for you, we might want to show you the advantages and disadvantages:


no running expenses for packs
simple and advantageous discharging
try not to cause squander, don’t contaminate the climate


just somewhat appropriate for sensitivity victims
little holders should be purged frequently


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