how is Instagram page analysis done? Why do we have to analyze our Instagram page at all? In this context, we are going to deal with the important topic of Instagram page analysis. It’s been almost a while since I launched my business page on Instagram, and I’ve even gotten relatively good revenue and sales; But as time went on on my Instagram page, I had to do more professional tricks. I used different methods such as implementing Instagram ads; But to some extent, all this was just accountable. To understand the problems and needs of my page, I did a great trick that I decided to share with you.

These days, Instagram has been able to affect a large part of the life of each of its users; So now Instagram users spend more time on this social network than they do in the real world. That’s why Instagram has been able to make tools and features available to its users in recent years so that they can have a more professional activity.

In recent years, there have been users who have made the most of this social network; Some of them have even been able to earn excellent incomes. But how is this progress possible on Instagram? One of the tricks that can be very effective in your progress on Instagram is analyzing the Instagram page. Stay with us you know here in this article you’ll also see what are the top and real sites where you can buy real Instagram followers so, don’t need to go anywhere stay tuned with us and enjoy our article.

Instagram page analysis

Analyze your Instagram page professionally with the help of 2022 free websites and tools

In the previous section, you learned what the importance and even benefits of analyzing an Instagram page can be; Now we want to introduce the first platform outside of Instagram that has been created to analyze the pages of these social networks. As you know, since Instagram has grown tremendously, it has been able to attract the attention of other platforms as well.

For example, many websites and applications today sell Instagram services such as followers and likes. Over time, these platforms became more widespread; So, so these days there are websites that manage Instagram pages and analyze Instagram pages. In the following, we will introduce some of these websites.

Phalanx: On this website, you can analyze the interactions of your Instagram page at different times.

Socialbakersbuycontext: This website is one of the best platforms for analyzing your Instagram page. Any information you need on this website will be provided to you but one important thing if you wanna know what are the best sites to buy Instagram followers then our doors are always will be open for you.

Sprout Social: On this website, you can analyze your Instagram page and Instagram campaigns and get a pdf output.

Hypauditor: On this website, you can analyze your Instagram page in a very comprehensive and general way; You can even see the global ranking of your page.

The websites that have been introduced to you so far are among the best and most complete tools outside of Instagram that can examine your page. The mentioned websites are among the principles of Instagram marketing.

Insight Instagram

Top free tools for analyzing Instagram page: 4 practical tools 2022

Although Instagram Insight alone provides valuable information, free tools can be used for better and more accurate analysis. With the help of these completely free tools, information such as: choosing the best time to post, choosing the best hashtags, finding competitors, and analyzing their page can be found. Here are some of the most popular Instagram page analysis tools:

The best Instagram analysis tool

Union Metrics:

Instagram page analysis gives you a monthly basis. If you want more accurate information, you have to buy the paid version, otherwise, the free version alone can be responsible.

By analyzing your page with this tool, you can identify the top and most visited hashtags of your business. This way, more people will visit your posts and you can easily increase your business customers. In addition, you can use this tool to determine when your followers are most active and therefore find the best time to publish your post.

Free Instagram page analysis tool


It is one of the tools that offer a free analysis of Instagram pages. You can use this useful tool to analyze your Instagram pages and posts and stories every month.

This tool provides detailed information on what is published on your page on a daily, annual, and monthly basis. In addition, you can use the information provided to research and analyze the interests of your audience, such as knowing when is the best time to post new content on Instagram?

Depending on which post gets the most feedback from your fans, you can find filters and hashtags to use in future posts. This Instagram analysis tool is free and you can use it without any worries.

Analysis of Instagram page 2022


This tool provides you with a report of your page as a photo and helps you to improve your page activities. In addition, you can use the data of this useful tool to find the impact of social networking sites, and you can also find users who need your business. In other words, you can use this tool to identify fans and influencers who advertise your products.

Top Insta Analysis Tools

Crowd fire:

Shows the performance of your Instagram business account to the exact date specified. With the help of this Instagram page analysis tool, you can find out the analysis of your page on a specific date. Note that Crowdfire only provides your page information for the past 90 days.

In addition, this platform allows you to select and analyze the criteria you need, such as posts, likes, access, followers, comments or comments, profile views, click the call button, emails, and more. This Instagram page analysis tool displays Instagram data in several simple charts that allow you to get complete information with careful research.

Use Instagram insight to analyze the page

In the previous section, the analytics tools that were introduced to you were implemented outside of Instagram; Now, if you want to analyze your Instagram page within this social network, you can use the insight feature. It is safe to say that in recent years, the best feature created on Instagram is this insight. Many businesses on Instagram have been able to analyze their pages using this tool.

Unfortunately, not all Instagram users can use the insight feature by default; By observing a series of conditions and principles, you can provide this feature for yourself on Instagram. The first condition for using the insight feature is to make the Instagram page public. Follow the steps below to publish your page.

  • In the first step, after entering the Instagram page, it is enough to refer to your profile menu.
  • Now go to settings.
  • On the page you are redirected to, click on the privacy option.
  • Now you have to choose the Account Privacy option among the available options.

 In the last step, just click on the Privacy Account option.

So far you have been able to make your page public to use the insight feature, But this is not the end and you have to make your page virtual. After you complete this step, the insight option will be added in the menu section.

Instagram analysis with insight

How to analyze an Instagram page with the Insights feature

After the insight feature is created for your page, if you refer to it, you will be faced with the activity option, this option has made the following information available for your Instagram page.


In this section, you will find out how many times your content has been viewed by all users.


This section shows the number of times your page content has been viewed.

Website Clicks

In this section, you will know how many times the links inserted on your page have been clicked.

Profile Views

In this section, you will see the number of visits to the profile.


In this section of the insight feature, you can understand the increase and decrease of your followers.

Analyze Instagram posts

Analyze Instagram page posts with the help of insight

It is interesting to know that after analyzing the Instagram page in general, using the Insight feature, you can even analyze your posts. If you want to do this, just refer to one of your Instagram page posts and Click on View Insights; Then you will be faced with the following statistics.


In this section, you will see the number of your likes.


In this section, you can check the comment statistics of your posts.


Here you can see how many users have saved your posts.


This section fully shows what activities have taken place after viewing the post.


This section will show you whether the contact has followed you after viewing the post.

Story analysis and Instagram post


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