Amabella Sophia markert is the daughter of Pauly DelVecchio Jr and Amanda Markert. She was born in 2013 in New Jersey, US. Her parents met in 2012 and Pauly started dating Amanda, since they were only dating while she was born so there are many problems regarding custody of Amabella.

Amanda Markert had another kid from a prior relationship, and she was working as a waitress when she met Pauly, according to sources. After the birth of Amabella, Amanda didn’t tell her father Paul until she became 5 months old. Keep reading to know more about Amabella Sophia Markert.

Biography/Wiki of Amabella Sophia Markert:

Amabella Sophia Markert

The 8 years old Amabella is a cute girl who was born to Pauly D and Amanda Markert as a result of only one night when her parents met. Here is the personal information about Amabella Sophia Markert:

Full Name: Amabella Sophia Markert.

Father’s Name: Pauly DelVecchio.

Mother’s Name: Amanda Markert.

Date of Birth: 16 May 2013.

Age: 8 years old.

Place of Birth: New Jersey, USA.

Ethnicity: White.

Zodiac Sign:  Taurus.

Siblings: 1 stepbrother Mickey.

Nationality: American.

Who is Amabella Sophia’s Father?

Pauly D is a popular television personality and disc jockey in America, the main reason for his fame is becoming a housemate on Jersey Shore, which is a popular MTV reality show.

He also joined the cast of “Famously Single” in 2016, in which eight single celebrities determine the problems of their love life.

In 2018, Pauly also appeared in “Marriage Bootcamp” and after that, he also joined “Double Shot at Love”  in 2019, which is an MTV dating series.

Who is the mother of Amabella Sophia?

Amanda Markert who worked as a waitress was born in 1994. She never married anyone but she already had a son named Mikey from her previous boyfriend and now she has a daughter Amabella Sophia from the famous American personality Pauly D.

She is five feet and 9 inches tall which makes her a gorgeous lady. Amanda is an American resident, she is still in her twenties and a mother of two without being married. However, there is not much information available about the personal life of Amanda Markert.

Where does Amabella Sophia Markert live?

Amabella Sophia Markert is a cute kid who is 8 years old and loved by her parents equally. The parents of Amabella are sharing custody of their daughter right now because things were quite messy if you look back, they both fought for her because Pauly D thought that Amanda is using their daughter for fame and publicity.

She removed the allegations by stating that “I have been financially supporting her for 5 months”. Whatever was going on between them, she never rejected Pauly’s fatherly rights to Amabella. She also said that she loves both of her children equally and will never fail them.

Main Reason for dispute between her parents:

Both Pauly D and Amanda Markert wanted to live with their daughter but as they are not together, they had to file the custody case. They both accused each other, Pauly said that her mother is using her for fame and Amanda said he made a publicity stunt by signing a check for the expenses of her daughter and giving it to the media.

Pauly D also feared that Amanda just want a child support fund from him and she does not want to let him build a father-daughter relationship because she didn’t even tell him about the birth of their daughter for 5 months after Amabella was born.

That’s why Pauly filed a complete custody case to which he failed and Amanda cleared that she does not want any of these things that Pauly accused her of. However, the custody arrangements were made and they are living peacefully but the decisions are not disclosed yet by any of them.

Is Pauly D protective of her daughter?

Pauly D has only one daughter and he loves her so much and is very protective of her. He never disclosed any personal information about her daughter and he wants to give her the best and most normal childhood like other kids of her age.

On instagram Amabella Sophia Markert pictures were posted by both of her parents since her childhood and the media take the picture from there. Her father said that he won’t allow her daughter to do the kind of reality show he did until she becomes 40.

Furthermore, Pauly doesn’t have primary custody and Amabella spends most of her time with her mother and stepbrother Mikey, but he adores her and is permitted to visit her on weekends without Amanda.

Facts about Amabella Sophia Markert:

Amabella is one of those kids who suffered a lot when their parents get separated or never intend to live together. These parents don’t have any idea about what their children are going through at such a young age.

  •         Amabella is the product of Pauly and Amanda’s one-night affair.
  •         Her mother also had a son from a different person.
  •         Her mother was accused of using Amabella for her fame.
  •         The parents of Amabella first met in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
  •         Her Parents fought a custody case and her father wanted complete custody.
  •         Her parents accused each other while fighting a custody case.

Final Words:

We added every detail about Amabella Sophia Markert in this article and we hope you enjoyed reading about this cute innocent kid who is now 8 years old.

Her parents don’t disclose her personal details as they both love her and are protective of her, we get these details from the media.

On Instagram Amabella Sophia Markert pictures are shared by both of her parents and mostly by her mother Amanda, so the media got the cute pictures from there!

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