Ceilings are a fundamental part of any house structure but are often neglected. It does not come as a surprise that during house construction, one can do a lot with it if given the proper resources. Among the variety of ceilings and trims, the tray ceilings are considered to be quite appealing in decor

Some ‌designers view tray ceilings as the perfect structure to ornate the light fixtures (talk about chandeliers!) and you can go crazy with the color schemes of your choice. 

So if you have a beautiful new home in citi housing phase II, you must opt for tray ceilings with elaborated paint colors! This way you can give a new look to the room in a cost-effective manner. 

In this blog, we have compiled a list of gorgeous tray ceiling paint ideas you should definitely try when investing in a new house. 

What is a tray ceiling? 

It is also known as the recessed ceiling, with a raised center. The different levels of height give the illusion of the inverted tray, hence the name. The difference between the height and ceilings can be from inches to over a foot. It depends on the height of the room. 

Tray ceiling ideas for your home you should try 

Tray ceilings are more than just a ceiling, they are purely aesthetic and practical. Take a look at paint ideas for tray ceilings.

1- Gray never disappoints 

Interior designers are of the view that a basic rule of thumb is to paint vertical areas with the wall color and horizontal areas with the ceiling color. 

Think about creating a statement with light fixtures and nurtured paint on the ceilings that accent the ornaments. In this case, the lighting fixture is the focal point, so you can avoid adding too much color or design to the ceiling. 

To give a minimalistic look to the room, the gray color has a certain ever-lasting appeal. 

2- Fun colors go a long way 

Do you want to try colors other than the standard tones? Don’t be afraid to experiment with the new tones! Tray ceilings give you a perfect excuse to add the personality, fun, and additional layer of the colored interior with the ceiling. 

Usually, clients with a new house are worried that using too many colors will make the ceiling appear lower than it already is. But it’s just the fear of talking. The right color tone can wrap the room in its essence and make the room alive! 

3- Deeper tones rock!

Never say never for deep earthy tones when it comes to ceiling paint. Little do people know that the deeper colors help define the tray ceiling. It pops up the vibrant ambiance you want to set for the room, even if it’s a study. 

If you are interested in adding more layers, then earthly tones will charm their way to the onlooker. You can set a darker contrast as the focal point of the tray ceiling while working on a light color palette for the walls.   

4- Earthly vibes are welcome 

As we said, a room with a tray ceiling covered in earthly tones can do the trick. The earthly tones add the allure of more space and complement the patterned wallpaper. 

Even if you want to keep a minimal design, you can use a simple wallpaper color with fine-colored trims that match the ceilings. 

5- Colored wall with white ceiling 

White, cream, or ivory – all shades are a standard choice for the tray ceiling. It adds an excellent flair to the architecture of the house. 

Plus, a white ceiling, if paired with a deep sage wall, adds a sense of relaxation and gives soothing vibes. Therefore, if you were to try the white tray ceiling, do not add too many interior clusters. Furniture with gold finishes, however, will complement the ceiling.  

6- Keep it fresh with ivory 

The lighter tones of a room give the illusion of more space, right? When using the ivory tones, you can provoke the sense of airiness of the ceiling as if floating! 

The real power resides in the color choice, of course, but also in the lighting effect too. Whichever shade of ivory you decide to use, lighting is crucial to give a more dramatic look. 

Try any of these paint ideas for the tray ceiling and let the color do the talking!

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