If you’re searching for hairstyle ideas from the top stars in music to the gorgeous women in Hollywood, bear in mind that it likely is not their own. Whether it’s Riri’s hair switch-ups, Tyra Banks’ weft-free styles, or Gabrielle’s updo recorded on the ‘gram, weaves are Hollywood’s best-hidden secret for switching from shorter hairstyles to long-flowing locks.

Sew-in human hair extensions are indeed a terrific alternative if you want to add length and thickness or switch to a style that’s low maintenance and versatile for a few months. Who wouldn’t love wearing stunning hairstyles with sew-ins?

Even though these curly sew-in hair extensions do not grow from your scalp, you must treat them as if they do. That’s why we have come up with why choose sew-in extensions and the 5 golden rules of wearing the best sew-in hair extensions– and if you are wondering how long do sew-in hair extensions last, we have the answer too!

Why Choose Sew-In Human Hair Extensions?

Curly sew-in hair extensions 
Curly sew-in hair extensions

Sew-ins, often known as weaves, is a great method to experiment with various hairstyles while keeping your hair safe. They’re also a terrific technique to give your natural hair more length and volume. Sew-ins are an excellent technique to avoid heat styling or over-treating your hair while still enjoying multiple hairstyles.

Rule 1: Splurge On The Best Sew-In Hair Extensions 

Splurge on quality 
Splurge on quality

Synthetic extensions are the most cost-effective, but they tangle quickly and have a high sheen, appearing unnatural. These extensions cannot be heat-styled like your natural hair, either! So, why would you want an installation that you cannot experiment with?

Non-virgin hair, on the other hand, has been processed— either colored or treated to alter its texture— and is, therefore, less optimal because it is significantly damaged.

The greatest quality hair extensions are virgin and Remy. They are the most similar to your natural hair and will hold a variety of hairstyles with or without heat styling. They also shed less than the other two options.

True Glory Hair is the place to go if you want to buy virgin hair without blowing your bank. They offer a wide selection of the best sew in hair extensions in various textures and lengths! Their pure Brazilian hair provides a lot of volume, maintains curls beautifully, and is easy to straighten.

Since the weaves will be in place for a few months, virgin hair will provide a more natural look with less tangling!

Rule 2: Get Your Curly Sew-In Hair Extensions Installed By A Professional 

Curls for days 
Curls for days

Straight or curly sew-in hair extensions will last for a while– between 6 to 8 weeks, so you must get your sew-in extensions installed by a professional.

Sew-ins take between 2 to 4 hours to install based on the lengths and braiding technique you want. The process starts by braiding your natural hair into cornrows; then, the tracks are stitched to the braids with a needle and thread. Installing curly sew-in hair extensions requires time and skill, so it’s best to make an appointment with a professional.

Getting your sew-in extensions installed by someone who’s not skilled or DIY can end in disaster– and your natural hair might end up paying the price!

Choosing a professional can make your curly sew-in hair extension installation quicker and provide a seamless result.

An important rule to remember with sew-in extensions is that they shouldn’t be too heavy. You must be cautious about this because it will eventually fall out if the extensions weigh down your hair too much. Nothing will be able to stop it, and your natural hair will finally break due to the stress.

Hair extensions should not fall out and should never cause discomfort. You shouldn’t be able to detect them at all. That is why you ought to have them installed by a professional who will explain everything to you before beginning.

Rule 3: Do The Maintenance Work 

Sew-in hair extensions before and after
Sew-in hair extensions before and after

Sew-in human hair extensions are a lot simpler to care for than you might believe, and they, like your hair, need to be washed regularly. Typically, you should wash your curly sew-in hair extensions once a week or twice if you workout regularly. Whenever you wash them, use a shampoo and conditioner free of sulfates and parabens.

Maintenance doesn’t end with the weave itself. You should take care of your natural hair and scalp. Since your hair is tied in a cornrow due to the sew-in hair extensions, that area of your scalp can get extremely dry. You should take additional care of that area by moisturizing and deep-conditioning it at least once a week!

After your weave has been washed and conditioned, use a towel to remove any extra water and allow it to air dry. Wait until your sew in human hair extensions are mostly dry before using heat styling tools to protect them.

P.S.: With good maintenance and regular visits to your salon, sew-in hair extensions can last several months.

To ensure your sew-in extensions stay in optimum condition:

  • Daily: moisturize & condition your curly sew-in hair extensions & scalp with lightweight oil.
  • Weekly: Wash your sew-in weekly to ensure they look clean and fresh so you can continue wearing multiple hairstyles!
  • Monthly: Don’t forget to visit your stylist between 2 to 4 weeks to tighten and refresh the weave hair. If you want that Hollywood glam, you need to put in the work.

Rule 4: Don’t Go Overboard With Products 

Gorgeous hair 
Gorgeous hair

More isn’t always better, and if you’re a product fanatic, this is the one for you. The product is fine… if you know how to use it. If your sew-in human hair extensions are straight and non-synthetic, it’s preferable to avoid using too much product. According to experts, only use a thermal protectant, dry shampoo, or shine spray. Ensure that you use dry shampoo occasionally and a defrizzer to retain the sleek look.

Similarly, don’t go extreme with hair products with curly sew-in hair extensions. The styling products will be weighed down by the curls, making them appear lifeless. Mix a small amount of leave-in conditioner with water and spritz it through the curly weave to revitalize the texture. To define your hairstyles, use mousse or a curl-defining gel and scrunch the product to style your weave.

Rule 5: Take Your Best Sew-In Hair Extensions Down On Time

Take them down on time 
Take them down on time

When people argue that hair extensions harm your hair, it means they weren’t taken out by a professional or on time. Even with the best care, you won’t be able to keep wearing the same sew-in extensions indefinitely.

Since your hair grows without any manipulation, you’ll know it’s time for your weave to come out when the tracks become entirely visible.

You must stay within the time constraints. You can’t wear curly sew-in hair extensions that are supposed to last six to eight weeks for four months.


Thank you for reading; we are always excited when one of our posts can provide useful information on a topic like this! Sew-in human hair extensions are the most natural way to add length to your hair, and you can easily replicate Riri’s bold styles to Gabriell Union’s elegant ones with ease and confidence!

We’ve provided 5 simple rules for using the best sew-in hair extensions in this blog.  So, go and get virgin Brazilian extensions from True Glory Hair! They not only have an amazing collection, but their team of experts will help you with everything!

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