Do you want to start playing cards in trustworthy online casinos such as 카지노 or do you prefer playing in land-based casinos? Whatever the case, if you are currently reading this article, chances are you want to start playing cards but you don’t know the first thing to do. Lucky for you, you came across this blog post. In this article, you’ll find the 10 things some card players know, that you should also know before you start playing cards.

10 things you should know before playing cards

Before you start learning strategies and applying tips you find online, here are the 10 things you should know about playing cards:

1. The reason behind the 52 cards in a deck

Have you ever paused and wondered why there are 52 cards in a deck? I mean, it could be 53, 12, or 45. So why 52?

Over the centuries, decks have been made up of different card variations of 24, 36, 40, 48, and nearly any number in between. However, 52 quickly became the most common and popular deck size across a big portion of the globe.

As for the reason why it became so popular, no one can say for sure. Although there are many competing theories about why the most popular deck has 52 cards, it’s more likely that French and British colonialism had a huge role to play as it allows the standard French deck size of 52 cards to spread all over the globe.

2. Where were the first card decks invented

Take a guess, where do you think the first pack of cards were invented? If you thought Italy, France, or Britain; you got it wrong. Don’t feel sad, when asked this question most people fail on the first trial.

Decks of cards originally came from China precisely in the 9th century. Or at least that’s the time frame most scholars agree on. The most common belief about the invention of the first set of playing cards is that it originated from China as well and it was made in the form of a 32-card domino deck printed on wood, bone, and paper.

It’s believed that the cards slowly spread across India, Egypt, and Persia before finally arriving in Europe, which allowed the cards to have different kinds of variations.

3. How long do Vegas casinos change deck

When it comes to gambling in the US, the major city that comes to mind is Las Vegas because the city houses a ton of top tier casinos. It’s already a known fact that casinos change their cards regularly but how often do you think casinos in Vegas change theirs?

In Las Vegas, the cards are used for 12 hours and after the 12-hour duration, it’s discarded or sold. However, How long a particular deck of cards stays in play depends on a lot of factors such as, whether the shuffling is done by machine or hand and how busy a particular table is. For example, let’s say you visit the casino at a very busy time, you’ll realize that a deck of cards could last as little as an hour before being switched with a fresh pack.

The cards are changed often to prevent players from taking note of certain cards due to distinguishing marks such as scuffs and bends that could give the game away to players who are looking for some sort of advantage or edge over the other players. 

4. Casino cards require a lot of security

Remember when we said that marks on a pack of cards could give opportunistic players an added advantage. That’s why casinos put a lot of security measures in place to prevent it.

Some of the measures they put in place include larger characters and symbols so that suspicious occurrences can be caught by the security cameras. Additionally, new decks must be signed off by the dealers or pit bosses before being reshuffled.

Lastly, when a pack of cards is retired, all the cards in the pack must be accounted for before its either sold or shredded.

5. You might recognize some card characters 

If you play or have played with a traditional deck of 52 French cards, realize that some of the faces on the cards look familiar, especially the ones created from the 16th century onwards. The reason for that is simple, the faces on the cards are inspired by or based on famous figures in history. 

If you take a closer look at those faces you might see Alexander the Great as the King of Clubs, Athena as the Queen of Spades, Julius Caesar as the King of Diamonds, or Lancelot du Lac as the Jack of Clubs.

6. Cards weren’t always just cards

During wartime, the government got really creative with playing cards. A typical example would be the US government; during World War II they worked with a famous card company to prepare special decks for American prisoners of war.

The special cards were used to hide snippets of maps that’ll peel apart when wet. The maps were used to aid with their escape.

7. One card manufacturer dominates the market

The biggest playing card manufacturer in the world is said to be the United States Playing Cards Company (USPCC); a top choice for many casinos.

Some of the most popular brands made by the USPCC include Aviator, Tally-Ho, Bee, and Bicycle cards. However, the Belgian company Cartamundi made a viral post claiming to be the largest card in the world. The company also makes many varieties of card games just like the USPCC but in different markets from the USPCC.

8. Cards in the casino are made from plastic for security

If you have ever played at the casino you’ll realize that the decks of casino cards feel a little different. That’s simply because the cards used at casinos are 100% plastic.

Plastic cards allow more card handling which is great for games like poker before the cards get dog-eared and dirty. Additionally, plastic cards make it difficult for players to cheat by marking the cards.

9. The value of the cards changes with the region and game

Since cultural values greatly influence the use of cards, there are bound to be some variations. For example, in Britain, the Queen has a high value because she holds the nation’s respect. 

10. The two colours (black and red) have meaning 

The red and black colours in cards are used to indicate two times of the day, the nighttime and daytime. However, some people have contrary beliefs; to them, the black and red inks were the cheapest to make, that’s why they were traditionally prominent on cards.

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